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My loom weaves 40-45 inches in width however I can weave any length. To fill a wide space I’ve woven two to three pieces at varied widths and sometimes I create stick sculptural pieces that are placed in-between the weavings.

The painted stick sculptural pieces are embellished with paper, beads and woven threads, wire mesh & pastels.  Huichol Indian Yarn Painting technique which involves pressing the yarn and beads into a beeswax/pine resin surface.

The weavings are created with 100% wool with an occasional addition of gold threads and textured yarns with a heavy cotton twine warp.

A typical 40”x 72” weaving sells for $2200
A typical 36”x 36” two panel/stick sculpture piece sells for $1200
Prices vary with size and details
Commissioned work requires 1/3 down payment.


Weavings can be duplicated with some variation in design
to maintain a ‘one of a kind’ status


Please contact me with any questions @
Annoel Krider
Adirondack Weaver
PO Box
Lake Placid
, New York 12946