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Adirondack Weaver Archives

Considering Heaven

Sounds That Only You Can Hear

Sounds of the Day

Silk Road The Warrior

Wampum Belt The Yearly Hunt

Winds of a Free Soul Four Black Hills

The Day Speaks The Resting Hawk

From the Place of Fire The Wandering Beast

Sacred Cloth Untitled

Beast Earth Cord to Sky

Eventide of Moondawn The Radiance of the Day

Crossing the Black River Rituals of the Earth Dance Red Tailed Hawk

Of This Place The Sioux Band A Dawn Prayer

Watching the Sun Beings of Grace Free the Spirit

Alas I See the Beast Untamed Son of the Prairie

Untitled The Place of Knowing

Indian Summer Storm Behind the Window

The Space Between Range and Mountain Through the Whole of Nature Shoshoni

Untitled Path Through the Center

Daybreak Yellow Puccoon

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